Plenty of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders are looking at Bitcoin right now. After a minor wobble a few days ago, it seems the $5,000 level has been recaptured successfully. It is interesting to see a resilient Bitcoin price trend, as that is something people haven’t seen much of in the past 18 months.

Bitcoin Price Bulls are In Control

No cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be dismayed by how the markets are developing in the past few weeks. All of this positive momentum has made people some good money, although there is also a sense of unease. Big gains hardly ever go without a steep correction, especially where Bitcoin and altcoins are concerned. For now, however, the bulls remain firmly in control which is all one can ask for.

To put this in perspective, the past day has netted another 3.13% Bitcoin price increase. As such, one BTC is now priced at $5.185, which is a rather interesting level. Combined with nearly $17bn in trading volume – on a Saturday – it seems there is no market reversal in sight as of yet….

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