Bitcoin Price Looks Primed to Buck 5-Year January Trend

January has been a slow month historically for Bitcoin price, giving rise to some of the more significant price crashes. But this time, the new year has started off with a bang, adding more than $1,000 to the price within days.

Bitcoin Price May Buck Sluggish January Trend
With one week already completed, Bitcoin price is showing a hint at bucking the trend, and going through a more spectacular January in terms of gains. Since 2011, BTC has moved more slowly in January, with both smaller gains and losses in comparison to the median monthly change.

$BTC's January return hasn't been above the median monthly return for 5 straight years.
2020 is looking to buck the trend (or we're just in for a wild 2020).
— Ceteris Paribus (@ceterispar1bus) January 8, 2020

Bitcoin price has already created some patterns of…

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