Bitcoin price has been trading in a tight $147 range so far this week, which has been the case now for around 5 days, while the market attempts to digest the information around Bitfinex and Tether.  As we close out the month, we take a look at the BTC/USD charts and what may lie ahead.

Bitcoin Price: 1-Month Chart

Looking at the monthly chart, Bitcoin price 00 has had a tremendous month, kicking off in the early hours of the second of March, taking Bitcoin from lows of little over $4k to highs of $5627 – or up around 39% and now some 70% for the year which is in stark contrast to 2018.

Despite looking unable to print a high across the $6555 level, from which BTC fell in November 2018, the current move goes a long way to reigniting interest in the market.

Bitcoin is on track to close out with the Highest volume for 2019, favoring the bulls and has printed a third consecutive higher low on the mac-d histogram, which is now flattening out and looks like it may be able to avoid crossing below zero which would be considered…

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