Bitcoin Past Data Suggests March to July Could Be Bullish

Bitcoin is in an almost constant state of price discovery, but past data is starting to reveal certain patterns. In 2019, the period between March to July saw a significant upward fluctuation.

Bitcoin Price Moves May Show Cyclical Rise and Fall
This past record does not guarantee future results, but suggests a bullish move is possible. Bitcoin often moves in a cyclical fashion, with ebbs and flows. In 2019, the effect of the futures market added another layer of bets on BTC future development, possibly creating an interplay between bullish and bearish attitudes.

How did 2019's price movement of @Bitcoin $BTC compare to the previous five years, according to our data? Well, March through July headlined a great mid-year price run-up as the token surged back above five figures. However, December's reputation as the best performing month…

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