Following major price cuts in the cryptocurrency market that took away around -90% of the total value of all digital assets in the market, including bitcoin (BTC), mining of BTC became almost unprofitable, especially for small groups of miners and individual miners, however, Diar is reporting that this case is finally changing for better.

Despite the fact that “crypto winter” is still actively cutting the value of cryptocurrencies in the market, the mining of bitcoin is said to have become more profitable in oppose to the mining crisis noted in the previous period.

According to the latest report from Diar, miner margins are getting back on track while going through notable improvements in terms of growth.

Bitcoin Miner Margin Rising After 19-month Lows

The price of bitcoin in the market is surely affecting BTC miners as well, as rewards are being consequently lowered with the dropping price of bitcoin which is now far from its 2017 peak of 20k dollars per one unit.

In accordance with the declining value of the top and the…

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