Bitcoin Lightning Torch #2 Has Been Stolen 4 Times Already

The second iteration of the famous Bitcoin Lightning Torch has not been as successful as its first go-around last year. In just 8 days, the torch has already been stolen 4 times by dishonest participants.

Your Bitcoin can easily be taken if you send it to a thief
Bitcoin’s second Lightning Torch has been stolen 4 times by various pseudonymous Twitter members with an interest in Bitcoin. The Lightning Torch is a game where a participant sends a Lightning Network transaction to other participants around the globe. The participant then adds some Satoshis to the original transaction amount and passes it on to another participant. The game was originally devised as a way to test Lightning Network viability and channel transaction limits.

#LNTrustChain2 is fast becoming a meme with all these thefts. It's clear that a lot of people are…

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