Since the very start, people have lost bitcoins due to human error. Mislaid wallets, forgotten passwords, broken hard drives, hacks, and scams have conspired to remove over 20% of all BTC from circulation by some estimates. The dubious accolade for the first major bitcoin loss goes to forum member Stone Man, who, on August 10, 2010, managed to permanently erase his access to almost 9,000 BTC.

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A Stone Cold Lesson on the Need to Back up Your Keys

In the early days of Bitcoin, people were free and easy with coins. A plentiful supply of coins and nominal value, coupled with a nascent community that was still getting to grips with the technology, meant that losses were common. It didn’t help that bitcoin wallets were rudimentary back then, leaving even the savviest of users just one misclick away from disaster. In mid-2010, that’s the fate that befell Stone Man, one of the Bitcointalk forum’s earliest users.

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