With digital asset markets on the move again, the importance of accurate predictions grows. An online platform called Bitcoin Forest uses market data and an AI algorithm to produce forecasts for the prices of many cryptocurrencies on a number of global and regional trading platforms.

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Website Provides Short-Term and Long-Term Forecasts

Bitcoin Forest is a simple-to-use website that displays two charts, yearly and daily, with data about the price fluctuations of a particular cryptocurrency on a preferred exchange. The graphs show the actual market movements in red and the trend, long-term and short-term respectively, in blue.

The main platform tracks price changes of BTC against the U.S. dollar. On the left side you can choose a marketplace from a long list that contains major platforms such as Kraken, Gdax, Bithumb, and Bitstamp. Exchanges with regional importance like Mercado Bitcoin, Koinex and Yobit are also included.

Bitcoin Forest Offers AI-Based Predictions for Crypto Markets


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