At the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong’s Lightning Hack Day on March 31, 2019, Bitcoin developer Felix Weis presented a successful demonstration of his Lightning-enabled plugin for a Bitcoin ATM.

Weis, who identifies himself on Twitter as a “bitcoin traveler and freelance developer,” demonstrated a Lightning-driven withdrawal using a 20 Hong Kong dollar (HKD) bill and a mobile bitcoin wallet on his cell phone.

The software plugin was built in Java over the course of the hackathon weekend.

How Does It Work?

During the demonstration, Weis’s ATM — for which he designed the Lightning-enabled software but not the physical machine — offered the option to receive bitcoin either on-chain (requiring a roughly 10-minute confirmation time) and then prompted Weis to scan his Lightning invoice. During the demonstration, Weis pointed out that the maximum withdrawal limit is 20 HKD, roughly $2.55 USD or 0.00061893 BTC. Leo Weese, who organized the hackathon, was able to make a similar withdrawal.

Most Bitcoin ATMs that exist today…

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