Since the launch of bitcoin cash (BCH) mixer Cashshuffle a fortnight ago, the platform has accrued a lot of attention and users. A total of 8,625 BCH shuffled outputs have been recorded since March 27 and close to 2,000 Cashshuffle transactions.

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‘Every Day I’m Shuffling’

The Cashshuffle platform is gaining traction. Since the initial launch, and aided by support from the Electron Cash wallet, there’s been 8,625 BCH ($2.6 million) shuffled outputs processed so far. A BCH developer also noted on Twitter that there’s been a total of 1,917 Cashshuffle transactions since March 27 and the sum of all outputs is 20,766 BCH as of April 10.

Bitcoin Cash Users Have Mixed Millions of Dollars Since Cashshuffle's Launch

Cashshuffle is a shuffling protocol which is quite different to most cryptocurrency shuffling services where users have to trust the operator or pay a substantial fee. The biggest difference is the Cashshuffle protocol is significantly cheaper than any other service of its kind. Cashshuffle…

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