Bitcoin Cash Stopped Producing Blocks For 5.5 Hours, Find Out Why

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) experienced a serious mining anomaly today. The network failed to produce a single block in a five-hour period and it didn’t even cause a significant transaction backlog.

Bitcoin Cash Low Usage Revealed by Slow Block Anomaly
Bitcoin Cash usage is still lagging, show the latest blockchain event, where miners were unable to discover a block for hours. The Bitcoin Cash network returned to regular block production as of 8:00 UTC on Thursday, with a five-hour gap in block production. The event happened after block 620025, and the next block number, 620026, took more than five hours to discover and propagate.
WhalePanda, a staunch Bitcoin proponent, did not miss a beat to comment on the event. And while a slower block is not unusual, the event also revealed the relatively low transaction count for the network.

$BCH has…

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