While people have watched the BTC network surpass 100 exahash per second (EH/s), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been steadily gathering hashrate as well. Since the November 15, 2018 blockchain split, which produced the Bitcoin SV (BSV) chain, BCH hashrate has jumped by more than 3x. Bitcoin cash is often more profitable to mine than BTC and during the last seven days, the BCH hashrate has averaged around 4EH/s.

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Bitcoin Cash Hashrate Climbs Over 4 Exahash per Second

It’s been well over a year since BSV split off from the BCH network during the mid-November 2018 hash war. After a week or so, both chains saw hashrates drop below 1EH/s and there was a period of significant profitability changes between BTC and BCH miners. Since then, BCH miners have picked up the pace and are hashing far more than they did following the hash war aftermath.

Bitcoin Cash Sees Mining Pool Shift and Hashrate Surpass 4 Exahash
BCH hashrate on January 21, 2020. Did you know you can earn BTC and BCH through Bitcoin Mining? If you already own hardware,…

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