The first quarter of 2019 has ended and things are starting to look much better for digital assets this year. Bitcoin cash (BCH) prices touched all-time highs for 2019 during the end of Q1 and the network’s overall strength has improved a great deal since the fork last year.

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Bitcoin Cash Action Q1 2019

Q1 is finished and the BCH chain and market value have both improved over the last three months. For instance, the price of each BCH touched its 2019 all-time high of $193 on April 2. In fact, bitcoin cash markets have gathered a higher percentage (+47.6% / 30-day) than many other cryptocurrencies that have been experiencing decent gains during the last month of Q1.

Bitcoin Cash Markets and Network Gather Strong Momentum in Q1
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 30-day chart shows BCH is up by 47.6 percent.

The most dominant pairs traded against BCH over the last three months include USDT, BTC, ETH, USD, KRW, and JPY. According to Markets, the top exchange that traded the most BCH in Q1 was the…

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