Bitcoin (BTC) Gradually Regains Momentum as the Market Prepares for a Bull Run | by LBank Exchange | LBank | Aug, 2022

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Bitcoin (BTC) Gradually Regains Momentum as the Market Prepares for a Bull Run

Bitcoin (BTC) seems ready for another bullish impetuous rally in a matter of days. The market sentiment in the last couple of days has been positive as many foresee a price rebound amid the staggering global inflation.

The current price is trading at $23,652.57 on the LBank cryptocurrency exchange, representing a 2.8% rise in the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, most of the altcoins are in the green and Ethereum (ETH) is trading above $1,700 at the time of writing.

The entire market capitalization has risen to capture back its $1.1 trillion stance before the major downturn that rocked the crypto space in April.

BTC Trading Chart (Source: LBank)

While a $65,000 price per BTC may seem unrealistic at the moment, many analysts believe that BTC will surge up to 28–30k ranges or at least 50% of the overall bearish push before the end of 2022.

It is assumed that the price rise would slowly recover leading to the next Bitcoin halving in May 2024.

Overall, the new long-term bitcoin outlook speculates some good moves for the coming days. Bear or bull, it is never too late for new and veteran traders to accumulate as much BTC as they can.

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