The monumental performance of bitcoin in 2019 has not gone unnoticed by those who invest in traditional assets. BTC has outperformed pretty much all of the other financial investment options on the table by a massive margin.


Despite its little downturn recently, bitcoin is still way higher than it was at the beginning of the year. BTC started out on New Year’s Day trading at around $3,750, still frozen solid in the depths of the 2018 crypto winter. Today it is trading at around $11,500 which is a gain of 206%. If we look at the 2019 peak of $13,800 bitcoin made a whopping 268% gain in just six months.


BTC price YTD.

The uptrend is still solid and trading volume has surged from around $4.5 billion to over $20 billion per day. Market capitalization as a result has also pumped from $65 billion to over $200 billion over the same period.

To get the scope of how significant these gains are we need to take a look at other top invested and traded assets. Oil is second to bitcoin, but…

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