TheMerkle Cryptocurrency Misconceptions

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and it’s related? Everyone’s talking about them now. Indeed, it is this trendy currency that makes our lives easier and speeds up transactions. Today, more and more people are using this type of currency for all the benefits it provides.

If you are seeing entering the crypto or virtual universe, or have recently made your first investment, you can explore the advantages of Bitcoin over your credit card. Online bank account or digital wallet that you are used to Crypto-currencies represents a financial evolution that manifests itself uniquely and tangibly compared to real money.

Here are some of the recent news.

Recent Survey Indicates 19% of French Citizens Are Ready To Make Payments In Crypto

A recent study conducted by the CSA institute discovered that a large percentage of the French population was open to the idea of paying for their purchases using cryptocurrencies. Interestingly the study found that a large portion of the population was well aware of virtual currencies.

In total, 74%…

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