Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bulls Draw the Line at $3,200

Bitcoin price ran hard this week and now appears to be taking a breather and consolidating…or receding to double bottom near $3,200. Bitcoin Price: Market Overview What a week! The stock market is closing in on the worst week in

Term Sheet — Friday, October 19

THE BIG BIRD RACE A version of this article by Lucinda Shen appears in the November 1, 2018 issue of Fortune with the headline “Meet Tech’s New Bounty Hunters.” Around four o’clock in the afternoon, well before the sun begins

Term Sheet — Friday, October 19

THE BIG BIRD RACE Good morning. Polina is off today and will return next week. In place of this morning’s essay is a brand-new report by Lucinda Shen on the rise of electric scooter chargers–the people behind the multibillion-dollar business.

‘Money to Burn’: Why Do Companies Burn Their Tokens?

A token burn is the destruction of a certain amount of tokens (or coins) in order to reduce their number in circulation. This method is successfully applied by crypto projects, traditional businesses, and even global corporations (for their shares). This

Bosch deploying IOTA in autonomous cars with Tesla and Daimler?

Earlier this week, Sarah Nizze, marketing director of Bosch, announced on social media that the company is implementing IOTA in its latest car project. Deploying #IOTA in autonomous cars – we give it a try at @BoschSI hackathon #BCX18! Join