Binance Launchpad has proven to be an effective platform for pitching new blockchain-related projects. Now, other well-known cryptocurrency exchanges are also jumping on the same bandwagon with propositions of their own.

 The New ICO Hypetrain

Earlier in 2019, Binance — which is currently the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by traded volumes — announced that it will feature one token sale every month. This takes place on its exclusive platform, conveniently dubbed Binance Launchpad.

So far in 2019, there have been two major fundraising rounds carried out, both of which turned out massively successful. The first one was the sale of BitTorrent Token (BTT), which saw upwards of $7 million worth of tokens sold in less than 15 minutes. The second one was a project called Fetch.AI. It sold FET tokens worth $6 million almost as quickly.

Both cryptocurrencies surged in price immediately after they started trading on Binance — something particularly customary to cryptocurrencies issued through ICOs back in 2018.


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