Binance Labs, one of the biggest cryptocurrency and blockchain hubs in the industry has announced support from Argentine Government in an initiative to boost the development & adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency in Argentina.

Binance Labs announced their the co-operation with Argentina to help with the adoption strategy for crypto in the country, stating that:

Argentina is on the verge of massive blockchain adoption, from ATMs to transit systems, and Binance Labs is among its foremost supporters.

Previously, Argentina showcased the country’s tendency towards mainstream cryptocurrency utilization through enabling bitcoin-based payments (BTC) for covering train credits, that way having bitcoin become an alternative payment option for transportation in 37 cities in the country.

Binance a Part of the Blockchain Revolution in Argentina

As Binance representatives noted in one of their recent publications published on the official Binance website, Argentina is “on the verge” of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies,…

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