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For exchanges, supporting new tokens, forks, and token airdrops has become part of everyday operations. Binance users will be pleased to hear that the exchange will support the ETHBNT airdrop for Bancor holders. 

No one will ever say no to free airdrop tokens, even if they might not be all that valuable at first.

Another Airdrop for Binance Users

In a blog post, the Binance team explains how they will credit Bancor user balances with the ETHBNT token.

This airdrop is expected to occur in early January of 2020.

A snapshot of BNT held by Binance users will be taken on January 1st.

Based on that snapshot, the airdropped tokens will be distributed among members accordingly. 

Considering how this airdrop represents 105 of the total market cap of BNT, there is a lot of good money to be collected.

For now, there is no official distribution number table, but that information will become available once the issuance has been completed. 

Anyone holding less than 5 BNT in their Binance account will not be able to participate in this…

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