As the week is now officially halfway, there are still a lot of eyes on the different top markets first and foremost. While no real sense of weakness is detected as of right now, it would appear interesting shifts are happening nonetheless. The Binance Coin price has successfully surpassed the $20 mark, which will please a lot of traders accordingly.

Binance Coin Price Finally Breaks Through

Plenty of cryptocurrency traders have high hopes for Binance Coin. This native token of the Binance trading platform has made quite the impact in recent months. However, its price trend has not necessarily followed the path people were hoping for, as there have been some interesting setbacks along the way. Today, most of that negative momentum belongs to the past, as it appears BNB is pushing through resistance levels pretty quickly.

To be more specific, it has been a while since the Binance Coin price hit or surpassed $20. It seems this hurdle has been overcome in the end, although it has taken a significant amount of time to do so….

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