Binance founder and CEO, Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ (Cee-Zee) spoke to Anthony Pompliano in the latest episode of ‘Off The Chain’. Amongst other things, they discussed philosophy, philanthropy, and “how the world works”.

The Cee-Zee Way Out

Binance sprang from seemingly nowhere to become the biggest crypto-exchange in the world. But CZ puts that largely down to their international outlook. A career working around the globe taught him that individual currencies are limited to one country.

When Binance launched, most players were focussing on the larger fiat markets, or just trying to crack crypto-to-crypto in the US. Binance settled on the smaller crypto market but multiplied that by 180 countries.

Regarding the speed of Binance’s growth and development, CZ explains that getting the right team solved a lot of the…

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