Bitfinex, an exchange that lost the second largest amount of bitcoin to date, has withdrawn an additional 12.8k BTC from its cold wallet, latest data shows. 

Address Details

The receiving address, (whose owner is unknown) has received smaller amounts of Bitcoin very recently.

The address hash is 3JZq4atUahhuA9rLhXLMhhTo133J9rF97j .

The address received four payments in total:

  • 77 BTC on April 28
  • 139 BTC on  April 29
  • 332 BTC on April 29 (23 minutes later)

And the largest transaction of 12,879 BTC on April 29 nearly 17 hours later.

Without digging into the transaction history too much, the address appears to be a transitory account of sorts as the coins held are not kept in storage for very log.

In total, the address had received 153,602 BTC while spending the total amount of coins the same day.

Where did the coins go?

The coins were sent to one address: 13Je1ECP9bmmwXGs4fnoLBTV4taayQe225 that would subsequently send the coins to two more addresses, namely: 1Kr6QSydW9bFQG1mXiPNNu6WpJGmUa9i1g and 

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