Sports betting is no longer a sector reserved to sports fans, and cryptocurrencies are not only for nerds. The collision of these two worlds comes in the form of 1xBit, an online betting platform which supports the use of cryptocurrencies.

1xBit has built itself a reputation since its launch in 2011, becoming one of the leading brands from the crypto betting scene. The platform incorporates a broad array of sports and events on which its users can place their wager. Everything from American Football, Basketball, and Football, to eSports, and Martial Arts is available. Each day new events are added to the list so that bettors have access to the most exciting fights and matches.

In order to offer an enhanced betting environment, the platform accepts more than 20 cryptocurrencies as payment, among which we mention Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, and Ethereum.

1xBit Just Added a New Section on Its Website

The website features a number of sections which permit users to perform several bets, such as betting on their national team, a…

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