PIVX is a crypto-based on the Proof of Stake protocol which enables users to stake and run masternodes. After the implementation of the Zerocoin protocol, it became the first PoS currency ever to feature anonymous transactions.

We will be looking at some of the best PIVX wallets that you can use to store this privacy-focused coin.

Things to consider before choosing a PIVX Wallet

Before you decide to download and install a wallet for storing PIVX coins, there are some factors that you should keep in mind when doing your research.

Staking Support: As we mentioned above, PIVX is a PoS crypto which allows you to stake and receive more coins. If you are interested in staking, check if the wallet has this functionality.

Full Node wallet: A full node wallet gives you access to all features of the protocol. But, this also means that it will take longer to load, as you will have to download the entire blockchain. You will also need to have additional memory space on your computer for this.

Running Masternodes: If you want to run a…

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