When most people think of movie nights, they usually envision something along the following lines: a good, worth-remembering, and easy-to-access movie (thanks to Netflix), some popcorn, beer, wine, or any other beverage of their choosing, comfortable cushions, and possibly even the company of someone dear.

While this sounds very nice, for us, crypto enthusiasts, there’s something missing from the aforementioned description: some movies or documentaries about cryptocurrencies. The main advantage of documentaries is that they are an excellent means of both, entertainment and information.

That is why we created a list with the best crypto movies/documentaries you should check out in order to educate yourself regarding the history and basic (or more advanced) concepts behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, or you’re planning on introducing someone else in it, then you can’t go wrong with “The rise and rise of Bitcoin“. Launched in 2014,…

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