Since founder Jiang Zhuoer revealed an infrastructure funding proposal from five major mining pools last week, which would fund BCH devs via redirection of 12.5% of BCH coinbase rewards, the Bitcoin Cash community has been understandably bustling with debate, discussion, and suggestions. Reactions have ranged from calling the move a “tax” that is incongruous with the foundational values of bitcoin, to support and ideas on how to best implement the plan. While the inundation of opinion and emotion has been noisy, a few prominent community leaders and groups with real ‘skin in the game’ have weighed in to clarify.

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BCH Funding Proposal in a Nutshell

The infrastructure funding proposal was revealed to the community at large on January 22, via an article posted to Medium by founder Jiang Zhuoer. It opens:

“We, a group of miners representing a majority of identified Bitcoin Cash hash rate, have an interest in ensuring that Bitcoin Cash…

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