Origin Kebabs, an Ozzie favorite fast food chain, is now accepting bitcoin payments and even support lightning payments. But will people really want to use their digital gold to buy kebabs?

The Dutch Proved That Bitcoin Is for HODLing

Despite forming its first golden cross since its 2015 bottom, Bitcoin may not be out of the woods yet. However, it’s certainly piquing interest again and is more popular than Elon Musk and SpaceX combined, according to Google.

But as the majority of the community has demonstrated time and again, they don’t want to spend their bitcoin on everyday items.

Arnhem in the Netherlands was labeled the world’s most bitcoin-friendly city, accepting bitcoin payments for anything from Dutch open sandwiches to sporting equipment.

But after the first wave of hype died down, the people who spent there felt rather foolish.

After all, buying a T-shirt for $20 worth of BTC on one day is no great shakes. Watch the price skyrocket afterward and you’re stuck with a fading T-shirt in your closet when you…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/australians-can-now-buy-kebabs-with-bitcoin-but-will-they-want-to/