In August 2017, covered a number of cryptocurrency programs that were being offered to the students of Wooranna primary school in Victoria, Australia. Nearly two years later, the school’s cryptocurrency programs continue to thrive, with the students having recently interviewed Andreas Antonopolous, and attracted visitors from Europe, North America, and Asia.

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Students of Wooranna Primary School Are Not Deterred by Bear Trend

The cryptocurrency programs offered to students of Wooranna primary school have continued to expand despite 2018’s bear trend. Even though the school is situated in a “low socioeconomic area” as described by Keiran Nolan, a former network engineer turned educational technologist who runs Wooranna’s blockchain programs, 2019 has already seen Wooranna’s students afforded unique opportunities within the cryptocurrency sector.

In January, the students were invited to help create the narrative for the educational edition of…

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