Augur, a prominent Ethereum-based prediction market platform, has announced that it is about to undergo a major update. According to the project, Augur 2.0’s code is now ready to be audited, and new features are being integrated with the platform. Augur has also explained which features users can expect to see in the near future.

Augur’s core purpose will remain the same. As a decentralized app, Augur can work around the laws that arguably prohibit prediction markets. This means that Augur is one of the few organized places where users can bet on real-world events. Unfortunately, Augur has experienced continuous issues since it was launched last year. This update could fix some recent problems.

Invalid Market Improvements

Augur has faced one particularly notable issue this year. Bad actors can create invalid prediction markets—such as markets that end before an outcome is known—then exploit those markets for profit. To remedy this, Augur 2.0 will allow users to bet on the likelihood that a market will become invalid….

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