The last few months have bolstered the price of the precious metal gold as governments worldwide have created tremendous amounts of debt and inflation. For instance, the value of gold per ounce jumped over $2k during the first week of August. Meanwhile, similarly to the physical counterparts, two blockchain tokens that claim to be backed by gold have seen significant demand and small premiums. While a handful of other ‘digital gold’ crypto coins have seen market valuations shudder this year.

On August 3, 2020, the price of a single ounce of .999 gold spiked to $2,045 per unit. Since then, the precious metal per ounce lost -5.6% in value during the course of the month.

Experts believe that gold’s value could jump to $3k per ounce by the year’s end if politicians and central banks continue to create economic disasters. While gold has increased considerably this year, it’s been growing much harder to obtain physical bullion, gold coins, and bars unless you buy in bulk.

As Gold Prices Soar, Two Gold-Backed Tokens See Increased Demand Fetching Premiums
The spot price at the time of publication for one ounce of fine…

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