, the controversial source for everything Bitcoin(Cash)-related and brain-child of crypto-entrepreneur Roger Ver, is reportedly under a government-sponsored cyber attack. The Tokyo-based entrepreneur stated on Feb. 4 that Google Suite alerted him about a potential intrusion, citing government-backed attackers as the culprits.

Government-Backed Attackers Target Roger Ver’s

In a surprising twist of events that has left a large part of the crypto community in shock, became a victim of a cyber attack. And while major websites such as aren’t new to hacks, what makes this newsworthy is the fact that the attack was government-sponsored.

According to Roger Ver, who goes by the username – MemoryDealers on Reddit,  one of the most vocal supporters of Bitcoin Cash and founder of, anonymous government-backed hackers were attempting to compromise one of the’s email accounts.

Bitcoin Google Warning

Ver received a Google Suite alert about a potential intrusion into one of his emails on…

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