April 5th Market Analysis from LBank Derivatives | by LBank Exchange | Apr, 2023

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Last week, the Bitcoin (BTC) market experienced a wide range of fluctuations on a daily level, with prices ranging from a low of around $26,500 to a high of about $29,100.

During this period, there were no significant breakthroughs in either direction. The weekly chart ended with a small doji pattern, indicating a minimal price increase.

This marks the second consecutive week where a doji pattern has appeared on the chart. Additionally, the monthly chart closed last Friday with a 21% increase.

At present, the price of Bitcoin is $27,800 to 28,500 range, where it has been trading for several days. In terms of trading strategy, the overall trend for Bitcoin remains a consolidation phase characterized by fluctuations.

For short-term trades, it is recommended to buy on dips during intra-day pullbacks and secure profits in a timely manner before any substantial volume surge occurs. Keep an eye on market developments and adjust strategies accordingly to minimize risk and maximize gains.


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Notable Altcoins:


In the past 10 days, approximately 47.8 million ARB tokens have been transferred to market maker-related addresses.

Previously, the allocated 2.7 billion ARB tokens were supposed to have a 4-year lock-up period, but some of them have been transferred to exchanges.

The 4-hour chart shows that the price increase is weak, unable to absorb the trapped positions from the previous period, and can only continue to probe lower.

Currently, the price has bounced back after encountering the previous retracement low point for the third time. The future trend is still expected to fluctuate downward.


After forming a double-top pattern with increased volume from its high position, the price has been continuously declining below the trendline. Yesterday, after a rebound, the price fell back below the trendline again. It is recommended to continue shorting on rebounds.

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