TheMerkle_Belgium Anonymous SIM Card

Cryptocurrency users around the globe face many different threats. SIM Swaps are perhaps the worst type of attack, yet they continue to occur on a regular basis.

Anyone keeping bitcoin or altcoins on an exchange would be better off using a hardware wallet of some sorts.

Another SIM Swap Story Pops up

Users who rely on exchanges or online wallets are more prone to get targeted by a SIM swap attack.

On Reddit, a new post has surfaced documenting such an incident.

The Coinbase user in question had his account drained once criminals managed to bypass his two-factor authentication security.

It does not take too long for criminals to steal one’s mobile phone number either.

In a span of a few minutes one can go from losing access to their phone number to having their exchange account drained.

With a 2FA bypass in hand, criminals can easily bypass account security, reset passwords, and even change email addresses without any recourse.

This appears to be something that affects Coinbase users on a regular basis.

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