Announcing the Formation of ‘LTC Labs’

In a joint agreement, the Litecoin Foundation has partnered with Antpool, one of the world’s leading digital currency mining platforms, to form the digital currency research laboratory ‘LTC Labs’. The organization will focus on the research and information of anonymous transactions, decentralized applications, evolution of digital currency, wallets and other projects focused on growing the Litecoin ecosystem.

As part of the agreement, AntPool will donate half of their Litecoin Pool mining proceeds each month to fund LTC Labs and directly support development initiatives.

The Litecoin Foundation is excited to join together in a partnership with Antpool to help drive and expand the future of Litecoin, by focusing on future development initiatives for the benefit of all.

The team is currently working on developing a DAO to help manage these initiatives. To learn more about LTC Labs and the latest updates, visit: Antpool: Antpool supports multi-cryptocurrency mining services, offers simple and easy-to-use interface, secure and stable performance, efficient and intimate service. See the official announcement from Antpool at

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