A brand new generation of malware has been discovered specifically designed to steal Android users. Several crypto and bank apps are affected worldwide.

On March 28, The Next Web reported that cybersecurity company Group-IB discovered a previously unknown Trojan horse. The company described the malware, which is called “Gustuff”, as a “weapon of mass infection”.

The Trojan is distributed via SMS messages with built-in links that load malicious Android package files. Once an Android device is infected, the Trojan will be automatically redirected through the contact lists.

To accelerate and scale the theft, the malware uses so-called “automatic transfer systems”. These automatically replace fields in reputable Android apps with malicious data to redirect payments to the hackers.

Gustuff mimics several apps

The newsletter also said that Gustuff should contain several “web fakes”. This means following these imitative apps to get the sensitive data from unsuspecting users. This affects a total of 32 different crypto…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/android-trojan-gustuff-targets-32-crypto-apps/