According to Binance’s CEO, cryptocurrency technology will become a part of everyday life over the next decade, including when using Uber.

The past couple of years in the crypto space have been likened to the mid-1990s before the internet went mainstream. People didn’t have email accounts because they didn’t know what they were, or how to use them. Today, email has been usurped by hundreds of different social messaging platforms.
Crypto is a little like this in that it is not that easy to use unless you’re tech minded, and very few people really know what it is.
Binance recently released its 2020 message for building a future on crypto, and in it are some wild but highly plausible predictions. CEO Changpeng Zhao likened 2019 to building the foundations of a house. He acknowledged that the year has been a tough one and a lot of this work is unseen.
Most of the report was focused on company achievements and plans for 2020, but the final section on the future of crypto had some interesting predictions.

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