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On September 1st, LBank hosted an exciting AMA session to introduce our latest feature, Copy Trading. We had the privilege of welcoming LBank’s Product Operations, Clio, for a live interview.

During this engaging conversation, we provided an exciting glimpse into the world of LBank Copy Trading and highlighted the incredible copy trading campaigns. đź“Ť

Take a sneak peek at some of the interview highlights!

Clio: Dear LBanker, hello everyone! I am Clio, LBank Product Operation. I have three years of experience in Web3 operations. I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the revolution in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, and I’m deeply impressed by the revolutionary potential and prospects of Web3.

I’m excited to participate in this AMA session as LBank’s product manager and share with you the newly launched copy trading feature on LBank. I can’t wait to introduce this product to all of you!

Clio: Copy trading is our platform’s feature we’ve introduced that allows novice traders to observe the positions of experienced traders and even replicate their trading activities to profit from them. You can follow their strategies and potentially benefit from their expertise, making it easy for beginners to implement complex futures trading strategies in the blink of an eye.

Clio: We introduced this feature to meet the growing demand of LBank users. Futures copy trading is suitable for all users who want to engage in futures trading.

However, it is especially beneficial for those who don’t have the time to monitor market trends or are often overwhelmed by too much information. It helps investors leverage market patterns and profit alongside professional traders, making their investments more professional and straightforward, even if they don’t have time to follow the market or are easily influenced by hot news. We look forward to seeing more investors benefit from LBank’s futures copy trading.

Clio: The most significant advantage of LBank’s copy trading is its security and reliability, as well as the ease of making money.

All trader’s historical transactions are publicly visible, ensuring data transparency. The trader’s data is sourced directly from LBank’s live trading, guaranteeing the authenticity, timeliness, and transparency of the data.

And You can follow multiple traders at any time, and once you start following, the system will automatically sync the trader’s opening and closing positions for you. You don’t need to tirelessly watch the market or research price levels. You can also modify the copy trading amount at any time, as well as stop copying or close positions for profit at your convenience. Your earnings from each copy trade are clearly visible, and profits are displayed in real-time. For many users, copying successful traders for investment is convenient and low-risk.

Clio: We have created a simple infographic tutorial for all users to quickly get started.

If you want to learn more about copy trading features, you can also check our help center.

As for selecting quality traders, LBank provides a range of indicators and data to help you make informed decisions. Users can click on a trader’s card to view various trading data, including order history, current orders, and the data of followers, to analyze the trader’s past performance, trading strategies, risk levels, etc.

The product also offers chart analysis of the trader’s data, making it easier for you to understand the trader’s data information. We have also created trader rankings and filtering functions, allowing you to sort and filter traders based on performance, win rate, cumulative follower count, and other criteria, helping you select quality traders from a multitude of options.

We will also review and comment on the operations of some outstanding traders. Copy Trading Master’s Winning Strategies Review — Episode 1 has been launched, and you can discover more outstanding traders in this module in the future.

Clio: While copy trading offers potential returns, it’s essential to understand that all trading involves risks. In addition to carefully selecting traders, it’s crucial to set risk parameters for risk management before engaging in copy trading. Copy trading does not mean giving up control, and LBank provides various copy trading parameter settings for followers. Explanations and instructions for these parameters can be found on our official website, allowing you to set limits, allocate funds, and stop copying traders at any time.

Clio: To celebrate the launch of the copy trading feature, we’re bringing some copy trading benefits to all users.

Now, if you engage in copy trading, by effectively following at least 5 traders with a cumulative following principal of 100 USDT or more, you can receive 20 USDT in futures bonus. The total prize pool goes up to 10,000 USDT. FCFS, so don’t miss out! You can sign up by visiting the following webpage:

If you are a trading master and want to become a trader on LBank, you can submit the required application materials as instructed. After passing the application, you will receive 500 USDT in futures bonus and initiate an order at zero cost. Traders who meet the basic requirements each week can also receive additional futures bonus based on their contract trading volume. For outstanding traders, LBank provides traffic support and exposure on our official website and social media channels. After the event ends, you can also receive profit-sharing rewards for your followers! You can find more details about these activities here:

Finally, you can stay updated on the weekly developments of LBank’s copy trading product via the following article.

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