Altcoins Enter 25th Month of Bear Market, When Altcoin Season?

Altcoins have not fared well, especially those belonging to smaller projects or late arrivals. The bulk of assets has been sliding since the start of 2018, entering the 25th month of a worsening bear market.

Skepticism Still in the Air
In 2020, there are fears that “the dumpening” will continue, and more value will be erased from the altcoin market. For previously hot assets, activity has seemingly diminished, with volumes slowing down to a trickle.

25th month
— moon (@MoonOverlord) January 1, 2020

In the past, altcoins experienced cyclical surges in price whenever bitcoin started to bearishly reverse. Essentially, traders would pile into cheap tokens after a bitcoin crash in the hopes that alts would skyrocket in value shortly after. Then, they would sell off the alts to secure the gains in BTC. But…

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