The following is a guest post op-ed submitted by ICOBox

IPOs have long represented the pinnacle of corporate fundraising. The big payday. The make-or-break moment. Companies can raise billions overnight, giving them unprecedented opportunity and access to the world stage, the funds to make their lofty vision a reality, but that all comes at a cost.

Before going public, companies are largely beholden to their customers, employees, and a select group of private investors. At this stage, providing the best possible product or experience is paramount. After an IPO, a new party is introduced: the shareholder, who can be a tough crowd to please.

Stock valuation becomes king after going public. Keeping shareholders happy means providing great returns on their investment. Unfortunately, this sometimes comes at the cost of customers, the environment, and well-being of the economy, as companies strive to maximize profits and keep their stock prices heading skyward.

Ideally, you keep everyone happy, but very rarely is this a reality….

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