has been people’s favorite soon after it’s origin in 2009. Why it should not
be? It has made the life of people so easy. People are done away with the needs
of carrying cash, debit or credit cards.

will not be wrong to say that even in the presence of fiat currency;
cryptocurrency totally owns the economy like a boss. It is soon going to be the
backbone of the entire world’s economy system.

from being used as a payment method for services and shopping, Bitcoin is now
considered as a mode of payroll for employees per month. Though not all the
companies are cool with this idea, but a very few companies are supporting
Bitcoin and embracing Bitcoin as a mode of paycheck for their employees.

What is Bitcoin?

is a decentralized cryptocurrency. A set of computers that are connected
securely works on the program of managing Bitcoin payments. Each and every
transaction of Bitcoin is recorded in the official ledger of Blockchain. All
the accounts and information regarding each and every…

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