A June to Remember: Flashback of LBank’s Highlights and Memories | by LBank Exchange | LBank | Jun, 2022

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A June to Remember: Flashback of LBank’s Highlights and Memories

It has been an interesting month for LBank and its global users. From online education to offline meet-ups, our communities have been hard at work learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency in many ways possible.

Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to across our global markets:

June 9th was a momentous day for LBank as our team all over the world planted trees to commemorate Environmental Day. This reiterates our support for a greener and sustainable environment.

LBank was well represented at the just concluded annual crypto festival by CoinDesk dubbed “Consensus 2022,” which ran through June 9th to 12th, 2022.

The team, Shantnoo Saxsena (COO), Kaia Wang (CMO) and Jeff Zhou, CEO of LBank Labs, had a fireside chat where they discussed the fast-growing exchange, its significant impact on the crypto and blockchain ecosystem as well as general trending topics in the spa

We’ve been busy with several community initiatives, such as the “LBank Community Ambassadors” program for college students.

In like manner, LBank inaugurated a crypto accelerator program which focuses on capturing African blockchain developers.

We launched our “LearnWithLBank” Twitter series, which has been very popular with our members. We’ve been organising and hosting a variety of on/offline seminars as well.

Our venture capital arm, LBank Labs, was also pivotal in driving better technological and user-based project developments and fundings.

In Turkey, we hosted an offline “Trader-BaseMeetup” in Istanbul on June 25th, where we discussed the latest developments on LBank and the community. In addition, users were awarded assorted gifts like fiat and airdrops during our lively online AMAs and quizzes.

Tunisia had compelling undertakings that kept our users quite motivated in light of the bear market. Educating our communities took a centre stage for all activities that took place there, including a series of webinars on topics such as “Introduction to Cryptocurrency” and “How to Use LBank.”

Concurrently, Nigeria held it down with educational webinars amongst others. The team also hosted a Twitter space on the topic; “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Africa” with one of our partners, Adanina Labs on June 16th.

LBank was a part of the 3-day IOT West Africa conference in Lagos, which happened between June 21st to 23rd, where over 42 speakers and 50 exhibitors were in attendance. The Nigerian team had the opportunity to speak at the event about the mission of LBank in Africa.

Between the 24th- 25th of June, we also had a two-day event with Adanian Labs to show Nigerians the mission of LBank in Africa and unveiled the “Crypto Accelerator Program” in Nigeria.

We hosted a blockchain meet-up in Pakistan, Islamabad, which was a great success. Morocco took the LBank mission of education and widespread adoption to Youtube with numerous simplified trading videos for users to learn from.

Overall, it has been a very eventful month for LBank and our communities. We are looking forward to continuing to grow and engaging with our members in the months to come.

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