Admittedly, it is a bit odd phrasing anything as the history of Bitcoin, since it only got its start a decade ago. However, the short life of this pioneering cryptocurrency is already storied with drama, innovation, and memes (the glorious memes).

The background to Bitcoin’s start is peppered with enigmatic characters, contentious tribalism, and millennial millionaires. Stories of overpriced pizza, a Stanford mafia, and people you likely haven’t thought about since watching the Mighty Ducks or The Social Network.

And whether it was Brock Pierce and the Winkelvii twins who piqued your interest here, or the incredible developer community, which has molded and shaped the code cementing the protocols behind Bitcoin, the peaks and valleys in the history of Bitcoin go far beyond its price volatility.

Bitcoin History: Start to Present Day

Pre Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the sum of its parts with a genius twist. Like the personal computer, the Internet, and iPhone before it, Bitcoin is a compilation of a handful of existing technologies…

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