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A Testnet with no Coordinator

We are happy to announce the launch of znet, the first iteration of the Coordinator-less testnet. This testnet has in fact been alive for several weeks, but we would like to officially open it up to community participation and contribution. To that end, we invite community members to join the discussion on Discord, to check out the live visualization of the znet Tangle, to contribute issues and code to the CLIRI Github repo, and of course: to run CLIRI nodes and join the network.

CLIRI and the Coordinator

Let’s take a step back and discuss why we need yet another testnet, and what makes CLIRI special. CLIRI stands for “Coo-less IRI”. At its core, it is a fork of IRI, with all Coo-related components removed. Its purpose is to provide a testbed for running a Coordinator-less IOTA network. This is a necessary first step towards understanding the challenges that a Coo-less mainnet will one day face.

Let us recap what the Coordinator actually does, in order to see what changes we have had to…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/a-coo-less-testnet/