A weather app is generating 96 percent of total transactions on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, according to CoinMetrics.

The Massachusetts-based data analytics firm said in a report published today that “Weather SV” wrote a majority of transactions on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. It arrived at the conclusion after studying OP_RETURNS, a script that allows users to write arbitrary data onto a public ledger. CoinMeterics noted that Weather SV was using the maximum OP_RETURNs to record information on the BSV ledger.

“On July 14th, over 96% of BSV transactions included an OP_RETURN,” found CoinMetrics.

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Bitcoin SV Transactions with OP_RETURN | Source: CoinMetrics

Bitcoin SV Transactions ‘Growing’

The data typically represents an app’s contribution to the Bitcoin SV network. A perfect example is bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency itself. In its core avatar, bitcoin is an app that runs on a public ledger of the same name. Similarly, apps like Golem, BAT, Augur, etc. run on the Ethereum blockchain.

The core function of…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/96-of-bitcoin-sv-transactions-come-from-a-weather-app-report/