Cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets have the chance to disrupt the entertainment industry as people know it today. Basic Attention Token and the brave browser are trying to make a lasting impact in this regard. Given the vast increase of verified Brave browser publishers, it seems things are off to a good start. Especially YouTube creators see a lot of merit in this offering.

#6 EspanolTNT

Although this channel many only target a niche audience, the Spanish-speaking community on this planet is a lot bigger than some people may assume. EspanolTNT lets Spanish users enjoy all machinima creations by ExplodingTNT, but in the Spanish language. To date, the channel has garnered over 122 million views and counts over 651,000 subscribers. The channel became a verified Brave publisher earlier this week, thus it will be interesting to see if they can benefit from this new revenue stream.

#5 PocketNow

Fans of portable device news coverage might be familiar with PocketNow on YouTube. It is a channel which has been around since 2017 and…

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