Following the arrest of 109 accused members of the $6 billion Ponzi scheme called Plustoken, six alleged members of the team were prosecuted according to a court filing submitted on Monday. The prosecutors say the individuals are “suspected in organizing and leading criminal pyramid schemes.”

The Plustoken scam was a large heist that managed to gather a large number of crypto assets during the scheme’s short tenure. Essentially Plustoken was a pyramid scheme that pretended to offer high-yield returns after people deposited funds into the system.

The system promised rewards in its native token eponymous token (PLUS) and managed to gather over 200,000 BTC, 26 million EOS, and roughly 789,000 ETH. After the fraudsters racked up all the funds, they left a simple message behind and wrote: “sorry we have run.”

On July 31, reported on Chinese law enforcement arresting approximately 109 individuals allegedly connected to the Plustoken project.

According to the report, 27 members were reportedly masterminds within…

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