On May 1, Cashshuffle participants shattered records by shuffling 1,774 BCH ($478K) following a $284K shuffle two days prior. In addition to the big shuffles, BCH supporters have started ‘Shuffle Saturday’ so people can gather and mix large quantities of bitcoin cash.

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Close to Half a Million Worth of Bitcoin Cash Shuffled

Recently, news.Bitcoin.com reported on how BCH fans have been shuffling millions of dollars worth of bitcoin cash using the Cashshuffle application for Electron Cash. Moreover, developers released a new Cashshuffle JS library which will make it easier for light clients like the Bitcoin.com Wallet to integrate the protocol.

$500K of BCH Shuffled in Record-Breaking Cashshuffle Transaction

Additionally, over the last few days, people have shuffled more than $762,000 and the week is still not over. The first big shuffle took place on April 30, as $284K was shuffled for less than a penny and BCH fans discussed the watershed moment on Reddit. The person who noticed the shuffle exclaimed a “quarter…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/500k-of-bch-shuffled-in-record-breaking-cashshuffle-transaction/