50% of US Departments Fell Victim to Ransomware in 2019, Report

Over half of all public and private organizations in the US fell victim to ransomware attacks at some point in 2019. Hackers have continued to employ increasingly advanced techniques to infect machines and encrypt sensitive data.

Ransomware is becoming increasingly common
In 2019, half of all organizations in the US were targeted by hackers who were able to successfully use phishing attacks and ransomware. Cybercrime has seen exponential growth over the last decade, and the techniques hackers have used have constantly evolved to stay one step ahead of law enforcement.

Proofpoint, a cybersecurity research firm, just released their 2020 report entitled ‘State of the Phish’. In the threat report, researchers focused upon phishing, ransomware and cryptojacking attacks. They analyzed the ways hackers employed social engineering to carry…

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