With day one of North Queensland’s Bitcoin Cash City all wrapped up, conference attendees were left with an overflow of big ideas to distill, process, and potentially integrate. These include underwriting merchant adoption, building tech parks and mining operations, BIP70 applications, separation of money and state, government applications of crypto, user experience, and regulation. The wealth of information presented was staggering, and this post seeks to break down the day into five overarching themes.

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The Original Crypto Vision

In his morning session presentation entitled “State of Bitcoin Cash 2019,” senior Bitcoin Cash developer and creator of Bitbox SDK, Gabriel Cardona, emphasized the need to remember and appreciate the original simplicity of crypto. Noting the ease of falling into entitled familiarity, Cardona stated:

It’s really easy to kind of forget the original purity of that vision — p2p…

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Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/5-key-concepts-from-day-one-at-bitcoin-cash-city/